Export tomatoes to Russia

We are a Fresh Vegetables Grower and Exporter From the Country of Jordan, would you be interested in Fresh Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Capsicum all colors, please feel free to contact us..

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Pelas send me your price in this mail . this my skype eslamkamel2003030 And thank you
Софии Групп

, 10 сент. 2013, 20:05

Dear Sir/

I tried to send you an e mail to your provided e mail, without any luck.

please feel free to contact me >

Good Day.
Nedal zbaidi

, 10 сент. 2013, 20:56

ples if you wont work send me your price list in my mail
Софии Групп

, 10 сент. 2013, 23:49

Dear Sophia Group

i have sent you a reply directly to your Company E mail.

Good Day.
Nedal zbaidi

, 11 сент. 2013, 09:59

Please, send me your price list.
Илья Гамов

, 15 окт. 2013, 12:02

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