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Teran Corporacion

Teran Corporacion

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  • Страна: Украина
  • Почтовый адрес: 65010 Одесса, Успенская, 54.
  • Описание: Производим и продаем бананы. We would like to tell you that we are an enterprise that produce and commercialise banano, and with direct purchases form the producers.
    Our natural market is the North American one (USA) so our quality is the number one. We have our own ship fleet, and we are interested in opening a new market in the East Countries.
    We commercialise the products through different labels, and we have chosen the MAMA LOLA one to market now. As we have our own ships, we could arrange monthly shipments.
    In this first commercial deal we would work with a irrevocable, divisible ndd as documents are presented Letter of Credit. The documents that you could need would be immediately sent, once the contract is signed.
    The banana variety is Cavendish Premium, with a net weight of 18,14 Kg per box and 7,50 inch as minimum. The label would be MAMA LOLA and the approximate time of delivery would be 25 days after the opening of the Letter of Credit.
    Tel.: +34 985209517
    Fax: +34 985215120
  • Виды деятельности: Переработчик, производитель готовой продукции
  • Виды продукции: Овощи, Фрукты


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