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  • Страна: Египет
  • Почтовый адрес: авторизоваться на сайте
  • Описание: Our company – Fruit Link – is a leading company in the field of Exporting Fresh Fruits and vegetables from Egypt to all over the world. We have new deep ideas and techniques about the farms, markets progress, so our customers are depending on us and this gives us the competitive point comparing with other competitors. Besides our long experienced and trained team work that handle the shipment smoothly and fast, commit with high performance with all packaging, sorting, loading…. etc for the producing steps and other arranges. And the most effective marketing department that helps our customers as much to support them for selecting the best decision for their markets, sales quantities…. etc.
    Our company is mainly exporting fresh fruits like Citrus, Pomegranate, Dates, Grapes, Strawberry …and fresh Vegetables like green beans, Broccoli, Cucumber, Lettuce, Pepper … we are caring about our fresh since starting farming up till reaching to the final consumer.
  • Виды деятельности: Экспорт фруктов, овощей, ягод и грибов
  • Виды продукции: Овощи, Фрукты
  • Товары и услуги: овощи, фрукты
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