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  • Страна: Сирия
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  • Описание: Good afternoon!
    Turkish large company Company KAYA NARENCIYE engaged in wholesale deliveries of fruit and vegetables of own production to the EU and CIS countries. We have high quality and wide range.

    Our company is interested in a constant and fruitful cooperation with you. We can carry out the supply of fruit and vegetables all year round , as well as the seasons change the range of products offered . All goods are fresh , as we have our own gardens and fields . If necessary, the goods can be treated for long-term storage . You can come and check collection and packing of goods. Quality is confirmed by the relevant documents for the products. In addition, see the packaging and to determine the quality of goods possible with Skype.hamza.ma.ka Get acquainted with our company the ability to view our site www.besyildiznarenciye.com
    Final price is determined by the amount of goods ordered, form of payment and delivery terms.

    If you are interested in our products, please contact us to discuss the remaining issues. We will be glad to cooperate with you.


    Tel: +905351072989
    Tel: +905375322226
    Tel: +905367817768
    Fax. +9003224598112

    Sincerely, export manager Hamza Ismail.
  • Виды деятельности: Оптовая, оптово-розничная торговля
  • Виды продукции: Овощи, Фрукты
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