• Страна: Россия
  • Регион: Приморский край
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  • Описание: New Marketing, LLC is a consulting company, offering professional services to companies, pursuing market development in the territory of Russian Federation.

    Our specialization is developing our foreign customers’ products into established brands in Russia by means of effective integrated marketing activities including communications with traders and consumers, promotions and merchandising.

    The company effectively operates since 1996, and we are proud to maintain the relationships with our customers for more than 13 years. Offices are located in Vladivostok and St.Petersburg.
  • Виды деятельности: Услуги для рынка фруктов, овощей, ягод и грибов, Экспорт фруктов, овощей, ягод и грибов
  • Виды продукции: Овощи, Фрукты, Орехи, сухофрукты, Ягоды
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