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Продам: strawberry- Russia. в Египте

Dear Sir,
Good day,
We are Egypt Limited one of the leading companies in Egypt for exporting fresh fruits and vegetables. Egypt Limited are working in this field for more years ago and till now has been producing satisfying results, Nowadays the company is overall concentrating to the needs of large distribution .The endless expansion, dynamism and efficiency of our company's framework are due to a whole set of knowledge acquired throughout years of work and new initiatives aimed at improving the supply of quality products and services.

So, I would like to keep you be updated, that Egyptian season of Green Beans , Strawberry and Orange has already started. Please, send Please, find attached file. If you are interested, please, send me your Quantity ,Packing , Port of destination.

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Моб. тел.: 00201022256729

Телефон: 00201022256729

Страна: Египет

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